A Thank You to our Supporters

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported our efforts to build awareness, provide education, and support research to further understand the incidence, etiology, and best treatment of neuroimmune disorders (aka PANDAS, PANS, Autoimmune Encephalitis, and Basal Ganglia Encephalitis).

With your help, we continue our relentless efforts to achieve our ultimate goal that no life ever again be cut short – or interrupted – by neuroimmune disorders.

As we move forward into 2022, your support reminds us that we have a strong and generous community backing our efforts to deliver big and bold achievements. THANK YOU!

Transformational Gifts

Acquiesce Vineyard LLC
Blue Ridge Capital LLC
The Carrabes Family
The Manfull Family

Minerva Foundation
Penney/Young Family Charitable Fund
Jonathan Seeber

Gifts made from Jan 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021

Ann M. Adams
David Scott Allen & Mark Sammons
Allan Amico
Karin S. Barndollar
Hadley Bergh
Melissa Berry
Joan Boyd & Ted Stiles
Paul Bragg
Eric and Arpita Buesing
Yvonne Cangelosi
Susan and Joe Carrabes
Nicole Cassidy
Patricia Chouinard
Vaughan W. Coder
Ellen Cohn
Rachel A Connell
Monica Connolly
Robin J. Cook
Christopher N. Darlington
Michael and Betsy Dater
Jonathan Doron-Peters
Andrea Della Mura
Linda De Marlor
Beryl Donovan
Jon Durant
Tim Durkin
Ginger Eager
Steve Emmerich & Eve Horwitz
Roger and Susan Epstein
Max Feintuch
Cynthia Fenneman
Christopher Forkel
Erika Frey
The Gillespie Family
Good Medicine, LLC
Jeff and Diana Gordon
Andrea Grazio
Jaci Grote
Bill Hamilton & Karen Evans
Susan Kress Hamilton
Kimberly Hendrix
Kenneth & Dana Hooper
Darcy Horgan & Dennis Kleinman
Karen Jackson
Margo Jackson
Vernis Jackson
Kimber Jama
Thaddeus Jankowski
Alissa Johnson
Joanne Knight
Carine Kolb
Ray and Marci Kraus
Karen Ann Kreis
Martha Labbe
Angelique Ledoux
Fiona Leishman
Jeremy Levitt
Mark and Julie Lewis
Heidi Love
Rachel MacFarlane

William and Susan Manfull
Punit Matta
Molly Mattoon
Christine Metzner and Steven Falci
Minerva Foundation
Leanne McCormack
Laurie A. McCray
Karen McDowall
Carolyn J. Mebert
Vinit Mehta
Minerva Foundation
Ann Mohler
The Moos Family
Andrea Mueller
Robin and Bob Najar
Ana Nardini
Peter Newbury
Dylan Newman
John Newman
Marilyn Newman
Wanda Opdyke
Dennett Page and Hugh Jencks
Ellen Patton
Debra Phelan
Nancy Pollock
Glenn Powers & Melanie Wong
Donna Praskach
Jason J. Ramirez
Leanne Rath
Rodney and Lee Roberts
Tricia Robinson
Jim & Gail Sanders
Nadya Sandy
Caren Schubart
Stefany Shaheen
Nicole Silberberg
Charles J Silva
Joan Sisto
Emily Snyder
Jessica Socks
Michael Sterling & Paula Sonnino
Pamela Stone-Shaw
Erica Sugarman
Dixie Tarbell
Allison Taylor
Jackie Thompson
The Thornton and Blaylock Families
Ray & Chris Tilden
Rodney and Sue Tipton
Virginia Towler
Tim & Amely Tudor
Emily Unger
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Andrew Weinstein
Lorraine W. Wheeler
Gwenan Wilbur
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Lori Yemma
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