We are very excited about our 2022 agenda. Here are the areas of focus for the coming year:

  • Awareness. We continue with our project called “À Table.” The organic reach of these beautiful and tasty bottles of wine produced to raise awareness about PANDAS and PANS has been successful beyond our wildest imaginations and raised well over $15,000 thus far. Our social media work also tremendously expanded our reach across many countries. 
  • Education. We are part of a group working to create a workbook for high school students who present with symptoms found in PANDAS or PANS who will be transitioning from typically structured and supportive environments to the more independent and unstructured environments found on most college campuses. The final goal is to develop a transitional program in which resources from students’ high schools and colleges will be included. Also, plans for the symposium we proposed for physicians and mental health professionals last year (derailed by COVID) will be moved into 2022.
  • Research Funding. We are extremely excited by the research taking place in our country and around the globe but shocked by how little of it is supported by our country’s premiere research center, the National Institutes of Health. Universities and other research institutions are dependent on the generosity of philanthropists and advocacy groups like ours. In addition to the Georgetown Brain Bank, we are proud to have made contributions in support of research at several major universities this past year.