Researchers: Frequently Asked Questions

How to obtain brain tissue?

What is the process and timeline for obtaining samples for research?

  • All tissue requests and applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. The biospecimen use committee will convene and vote to approve use or not due to how precious these tissue samples are. 
  • After a unanimous vote is reached, a phone call will be scheduled with our director Dr. Brent Harris ( to address all questions, and concerns. 
  • After reaching a mutual agreement on which tissues will be used, a MTA with standardized language (for academic or industry purposes) will be drafted and sent to you by our legal team for execution. 
  • “Our goal is to say “yes” to every request; thus, the GBB Director and biospecimen use committee work closely with each researcher to help optimize experimental plans, validate assays, and ensure that the researchers are always thinking about the next step — such as identifying potential biomarkers for eventual clinical trials.”