About the POND Brain Bank at Georgetown University

What does POND mean?

POND is an acronym for “PANDAS/PANS and Other Neuroimmune Disorders.”

What is the mission of the POND Brain Bank?

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Why are brain donations are so important?

Brain donations provide researchers with an opportunity to find more effective treatment options for PANS/PANDAS and expand understanding around the causes of this disease. A single brain donation offers valuable information to hundreds of research studies that ultimately will help those affected by PANS/PANDAS. Donations give future hope in the fight against PANS/PANDAS and other related neuroimmune disorders. 

How does one become a donor?

Participants who have been diagnosed with PANS/PANDAS are eligible to donate, as well as those without neurological disease. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are interested in donating. Tissues for research are most beneficial soon after a loved one’s passing. We understand enrollment to the brain bank may occur during a very difficult time, but the GBB is available to assist with this. Our Neurology Brain Bank Coordinator can be contacted for information and forms to review (Ms. Carolyn Ward, cw2@georgetown.edu or 202-687-4466). Dr. Harris and Dr. Khan are also available to answer questions and discuss the process.