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We deeply support the philosophy that we all must work together to impose change on the medical world’s approach to diagnosis and treatment — or lack thereof — of post-infectious neuroimmune disorders such as PANDAS, PANS, and Autoimmune Encephalitis. We also must work together to compel greater research funding from our nation’s premiere research institution, National Institutes of Health (NIH), to further understand these disorders.

We encourage you to visit the sites of other organizations – some of which are more comprehensive, more specific, or more regional – to fully understand this area. Here are some we regularly follow:


EXPAND, The European Immuno-neuropsychiatric Association

To learn about other PANDAS/PANS advocacy groups in Europe, please visit this link .

The International OCD Foundation

The JBC PANS and PANDAS Foundation

Mending Minds Foundation

Moleculera Labs

Neuroimmune Foundation

New England PANS/PANDAS Association

Northwest PANDAS/PANS Network

PACE Foundation

PANDAS Network

PANDAS Physicians Network